Good Days

I’m not entirely sure yet if you ever truly get to have ‘good days’ while your babies are in the NICU – all news seems to sound like bad news, and even if things are going well at the moment you still have to worry about something going wrong in an hour, or a day or a week – but for now, I will say that today was a pretty good day.

The big news is that Madeleine was taken off of her ventilator, and given another shot at CPAP.  We were pretty surprised to walk in and see her with the signature CPAP headgear, as we were under the impression it might still be a while before they tried switching her over.  The best part of it all is that Madeleine seemed to be much happier with that annoying tube out of her windpipe.  She opened her eyes nice and big when we got there (I like to imagine she was saying “hey ma, look at me breathing on my own!”), and didn’t cry or even make much of a fuss at all while we were there (part of me was secretly hoping she would cry a little though – they don’t get to make any noise while on the vent, so now we’d actually get to hear her little preemie cry again!).

Madeleine modelling her CPAP helmet.

Madeleine modelling her CPAP helmet.

Reid, unfortunately, is still on the ventilator, which makes me a very worried mum, as his risk for lung damage increases the longer he is on the machine.  There was still good news for him today too though, which was that he seems much more stable on the ventilator now than he has been previously, and is requiring less frequent suctioning.  He is also now up to 13ml feedings, which is always exciting news, as we want to beef that little baby up as much as possible!  His super wonderful amazing nurse Joan actually described his day as being “awesome”, which is basically the best way to describe a baby’s day to his mother if you happen to be wondering.

Reid being awesome.

Reid being awesome.

Tomorrow will be a fairly important day for both babies (and quite a scary day for us), as we will be awaiting the results of both Madeleine’s head ultrasound, as well as Reid’s most recent echocardiogram.  Hopefully tomorrow we will have more happy updates to report.


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