A Boy And His Sling

The thing about having babies at twenty-five weeks gestation is that you aren’t at all ready.  Not ready to give birth, not ready to have your little humans living on the outside, and not ready for the strange reality of being someone’s mama without really getting to do mama-like things.  I hadn’t given too much thought to what life might be like with a little one prior to getting pregnant, didn’t know too much about newborn care (and still don’t really, if I’m being honest), but I did like to imagine myself one day wrapping a juicy, full-term chubster into a sling and hanging out together, exploring his little world.

I may not be able to do much exploring (and I certainly don’t have a juicy, full-term chubster), but today, I did get to wrap Reid into a sling!  It was finally time to get another kangaroo cuddle with Reid today (our second since his birth), and this time we did it by wrapping him in a little blue baby hammock contraption, which then got tied onto me.  It meant we could still have the usual awesome skin-to-skin cuddle, but that he was super snug and supported, and that I also had more freedom to adjust my position without messing with all the wires and tubes.

To say Reid and I enjoyed his sling time is a huge understatement – we spent the first little while making googly eyes at each other, and then he settled in for a nice two-hour snooze.  He loved being wrapped up and cozy, and I of course loved to be able to get to snuggle in with my boy.  There aren’t many moment yet in our lives where we get to feel like real, proper parents, but cuddle time like this is about as close as it gets.

My tiny human burrito, enjoying a cuddle.

Enjoying a cuddle with my tiny human burrito.


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