Babies’ First Shots

Today, Madeleine and Reid received their first shots for RSV.  While this may not have been such great news for the babies and their scrawny little thighs, it was good news for me and my newly-developed paranoia of germs and their ability to potentially kill my precious children.  Unfortunately, poor Reid had his shot while I was tied up kangaroo-ing with his sister (guilt trip commence!), and poor Madeleine had her shot after she had been lulled into a false sense of security in her mother’s embrace (guilt! guilt!).  It’s always fun when you manage to ruin both your tiny babies’ lives at approximately the same time.  In any case, Reid and Madeleine will both continue to get their RSV shots every few weeks from now on, giving them a little immunity boost against a potentially very nasty virus should they happen to contract it.

Madeleine had a new ultrasound completed on her head today, and she will now start having them every Thursday.  It has only been a few days since her last test, so I wasn’t exactly expecting anything earth-shatteringly new, but thankfully we are still seeing a decrease in all of her measurements (slight decreases, but decreases nonetheless).  Her scans have now been sent to Sick Kids so that she is on their radar, but it sounds like everyone is still hopeful that she will continue to move in the right direction and not need any intervention.

Reid’s lungs are still an issue, and his latest x-ray suggests that he could maybe potentially have pneumonia.  The good news is that each new test looks better than the one before (making me wonder if maybe he just needs a little extra time to sort this out on his own), but since he is still on the jet ventilator, and since his lungs do technically still look kind of bad on the x-ray, he may be put on antibiotics for treatment.  We are crossing our fingers that Reid’s lungs are able to pull it together soon, as it is definitely time for him to break up with the ventilator and give breathing a proper go.

Matt has the day off tomorrow, meaning we will finally be able to go to visit the babies together again (it feels like it’s been so long).  And if all goes well, Matt should be on the receiving end of a little surprise around 4pm tomorrow (it may or may not involve a sling, a cuddle, and a little man named Reid!).


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