One Month Old

Madeleine and Reid are one month old! To put this ridiculousness into perspective, I realized today after visiting with a friend (hi Amanda!) and her seven-month-old son, that her seemingly-ginormous baby is only six months older than my puny little peanuts.  They were born in the same year!  They will begin school at the same time!  Now, our little ones of course are not proper one-month-olds – still “minus ten weeks” if you will – but it is still pretty crazy to consider that Madeleine and Reid have already been here for an entire month.

I feel like it’s almost kind of cliche to comment on how quickly your babies are growing (“they grow up so fast!”), but seriously.  Not only does it feel like I gave birth approximately five minutes ago, but it also still definitely feels like we are destined to have two tiny preemies in the NICU for the rest of all eternity.  With the babies just having passed the 30 week gestation mark this past Sunday, we do still have a while to go, but I have now made a point to suggest to Matt that, hey, maybe we should get around to finally ordering that second car seat.  I am almost entirely sure we won’t be ready when the “taking the babies home” talk starts to happen (though what an exciting conversation that will be).

Madeleine at one month…

– Weighing in at 1280 grams (2lbs 13oz!)
– Receiving 16ml at each feed
– Back on CPAP and doing great
– Getting lots and lots of cuddles
– Generally doing well day-to-day, which makes for boring blog updates, but happy parents

Reid at one month…

– Weighing in at 1378 (just over the 3lb mark!) and looking positively beefy, if you ask me
– Receiving 17ml at each feed
– On CPAP finally, and hanging in there pretty well (he does still have spells, but nothing that is requiring reintubation just yet)
– Has now had his first cuddle with Dad
– Currently working on getting over a bit of a lung infection with the help of some IV antibiotics

Another reminder that these little guys are indeed getting bigger and stronger after their first month of life? Today I witnessed Madeleine and Reid’s first little baby push-ups. I’m still a little unclear over what prompted this, but Madeleine got upset during her 6pm feed and proceeded to push her little body up off of the floor of her incubator by her arms in protest. Then, not too long after, Reid decided to attempt the same thing! (He wasn’t as successful though, because of the IV in his arm). Naturally, I sat there wondering WHAT ON EARTH JUST HAPPENED. I tried to explain it to their nurse, who seemed fairly nonplussed by the whole thing, but obviously it means my children are super preemie geniuses, am I right?

A photo of Madeleine, because, why not.

A photo of Madeleine, because, why not.


3 thoughts on “One Month Old

  1. So very exciting! I hope you have had a fabulous week! We are going up to Stayner on Sunday to celebrate Evan’s 2nd birthday! Tell Madeline and Reid that I’ve very excited they are getting fatter and that they are 1 month old. Please let them know that I would have made them each a 1 month birthday cake – but their mom said no…she’s no fun :) just joking – best mom ever!

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