Two Months Old

The babies are now two months old, and boy have they grown.  So much has happened in the past little while – good and bad – that I think our heads are spinning a little bit.

Some updates (in point form, because my brain is too mushy for fully formed paragraphs):

– Reid is back on high flow and doing pretty well (when he stops trying to pull the prongs out of his nose at least).  He’s giving cycling a little go, which is when he takes a break from breathing assistance for a few hours at a time.  In Reid’s usual style, he’s taking his own sweet time adjusting to this, which as far as I’m concerned is completely fine.  Slowly, but surely…

– Madeleine and Reid are both done with their incubators and have moved into cribs!  This is a very exciting update, as it means they are capable of regulating their own temperatures without the help of the incubator.  It also means they are wearing clothes, which is super adorable.  Seeing the twins in clothes and cribs makes them look more like ‘normal’ babies than they ever have before.  So great.

– Madeleine is back to her old room next to Reid’s, which is great news for Matt and I!  It was absolutely awful having the babies in separate hospitals, but still a bit frustrating when Madeleine came back to Sunnybrook and had to stay in a different pod than her brother.  It is so, so, so much easier to have them back in adjoining rooms with a door between them that we can leave open.  Makes it much easier to feel like we are spending a fair amount of time with both babies when we visit.

– Things are still up and down with Madeleine’s head.  Her MRI didn’t look great, but thankfully Sick Kids decided that it wasn’t bad enough to send her back just yet.  Her ultrasounds have been increased to bi-weekly (which means bi-weekly anxiety attacks for mom and dad).  She has had two ultrasounds since the MRI, and the results have suggested that maybe things aren’t super bad just yet, but also not super great.  Still holding our breath for some good news.

– Matt’s car accident has meant that we are (hopefully temporarily) a one-car family.  It has made things even crazier for us, but the one good thing has been that Matt had the chance to spend last week with the babies since he was unable to work.  It was kangaroo cuddle galore!  We’ve seen in the past how much those cuddles can help (Reid especially seemed to respond to them), so I can only hope that somehow it will work some magic on Madeleine’s ventricles as well.

– Now that Madeleine is breathing on her own and doing great, we were able to try breastfeeding!  I wasn’t at all sure how that was going to go, but she did really well.  I have heard that teaching a prem to breastfeed is a long and arduous process, but I am still looking forward to it (at the very least, I’ll be happy to spend a little bit less time with that pump!).  Since Reid is still on high-flow, he can’t clock any boob time just yet, which is a little bit sad as he roots like crazy when you hold him.  He’s even tried to suction himself onto Matt’s chest while they cuddle, which must have been rather disappointing…

– Not exactly baby-related, but Penny and Rosie will be coming home mid-March.  They’ve been living up in Orillia having what I’m sure has been the time of their lives while we deal with all the stuff happening with the twins, but it’s time to think about getting them back and adjusted to our new family life.  I am a little nervous about how this will go, since there’s still so much that has to happen before the babies can come home and our life will settle down in that way, but then of course we will also have to figure out how to have two babies and two dogs at home full time.  Madness!  (But we still can’t wait for it to happen and have our whole family under one roof)

– The babies are growing like weeds!  Madeleine now weighs 4lbs 11oz, and Reid weighs just over 5lbs.

Screen Shot 2013-02-17 at 2.58.00 PM

Five pounds!

Screen Shot 2013-02-17 at 2.58.41 PM

This is her sweet face.

Screen Shot 2013-02-17 at 3.02.52 PM

Wearing clothes. Like a boss.

Screen Shot 2013-02-17 at 3.02.56 PM

Yeah, strawberry hat!

Screen Shot 2013-02-17 at 2.57.45 PM

Hanging out, having a bath…



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