Three Months Corrected

Today, the babies hit the three month corrected mark.  More so than ever before, things are starting to get really fun – each week they seem like completely new babies who can do all sorts of new things, and their little personalities are really starting to develop.  It has also been interesting to see just how different they are.  Watching them grow at this stage of their babyhood is so fascinating and lovely and wonderful, and makes us so excited for all the milestones that lie ahead.


Madeleine at three months…

…weighs 4.95 kg, or just shy of 11 lbs

…is sleeping through the night like an absolute champ.  She will easily go 8-10 hours of solid sleep per night, and sometimes will go for 12 if she is feeling generous.  She clearly gets this ability from me, and I am very, very happy about it.

…is starting to develop a real sense of humour!  She loves it when we play little games, or tell funny stories, and sometimes she will even mimic Matt’s funny faces.  She keeps us laughing all day long and we love it so much.

…is also turning into a bit of a wannabe chatterbox (a girl after my own heart!).  She has figured out how to make the sounds ‘goo’ and ‘gah’, and uses them frequently, while waving her hands around like she is making a VERY IMPORTANT POINT.  My favourite part is her attempts at conversations – I like to repeat her ‘goos’ and ‘gahs’ in the same voice she gave them to me, and when I do, she will happily continue rambling, pleased that I was able to pick up on what she was saying.  I cannot wait to see how this side of her continues to develop (both for my own in-awe excitement, and also for the back-of-my-mind anxiety I have over how her brain will be able to handle language and speech acquisition).

…is starting to gain some noticeable strength in her arms and legs, and is able to scooch herself into different positions (especially at night – we never know which direction she’ll be facing when she wakes up!).  She is also starting to like toys, and is realizing that she can reach out to them, which is fun to see.

…has found her thumb and fingers and is quite certain that they are delicious.  She is able to suck on her thumb to self-soothe when she is tired or hungry, which is fascinating to watch.

…is actually pretty laid back in general, and not much bothers her.  In fact, in the morning when she wakes up, she will happily hang out in her bassinet sucking her thumb until you decide to come get her (“no big deal mama, I’ll just hang out here until you’re ready!”).

…thinks now, more than ever, that her brother is totally awesome.  She has always had an affinity for Reid even back in the NICU (though it was incredibly unrequited!) and that has only grown.  She loves lying next to him, watching him, holding on to him.  I cannot wait to watch their relationship evolve as they grow.

…is doing well health-wise.  Day-to-day she is quite an easy, patient baby, and few things bother her.  She has a pretty strong stomach, hasn’t had any diaper rashes, and rarely cries unless she is very hungry (which is our fault anyway!).  At our last neurosurgery checkup, her shunt looked great, so we will just continue going back every few months to monitor it.  Other than being a bit on the small side, our little warrior is pretty healthy and fantastic!


Reid at three months…

…weighs 5.75 kg (approximately 12 lbs 11oz) and getting bigger and bigger by the day!

…has moved into size two diapers and 3-6 month clothing

…is also sleeping through the night, but draws the line at about 7-8 hours.  At around 6 or 7am, Reid gets up and he is ready for a bottle IMMEDIATELY, YOU BETTER GET UP RIGHT NOW MOM AND DAD!  It’s a bit of a shame, since Maddie sleeps for so much longer, but once Reid does get his morning bottle, he’ll often go back to sleep for an hour or two (which means we get to go back to sleep as well)

…has the most amazing smile I have ever seen.  It is a big ol’ grin, and he smiles at all sorts of things (including mama, which is the best part).  He can also be quite serious and pensive, and usually has a furrowed brow and little clasped hands, which is super cute, even if I’m sure he doesn’t see it that way!

…is a pretty sensitive child, and has a stronger emotional need than his sister (which is just fine by me).  Reid will tend to get upset more often by a variety of things (and sometimes by nothing at all), and also likes to be held and cuddled a lot more, at times just for the sake of being cuddled.  He has a fair bit of tummy trouble and still suffers from acid reflux, which certainly doesn’t help his intermittent misery, and is a big source of frustration for all of us, as there isn’t a whole lot that we can do to help him.

…is also realizing that toys are awesome, and loves to lie in his crib watching his mobile.  He squeals with excitement when you turn it on, which is basically the sweetest thing ever.  Speaking of squealing, he is trying SO HARD to laugh, although right now all he can manage to get out is a little gurgling sound.  Soon enough, buddy, soon enough.


Now that we’ve been at home together for (almost) three months, I do feel as though we are starting to really get the swing of things as a little family.  And I have to say, it is pretty amazing!  We are headed for a new curveball starting next week, when Matt returns to work after his parental leave, but I am so glad we’ve been able to get as much time together as we have.  These three months have been even more incredible than I ever could have hoped.

Maddie Thumb 3 mos


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