Eight Months Old

Today, the babies turn eight months old!  They aren’t really eight months, of course – more like almost five based on their due date – but this milestone had me thinking a bit:  at what point will we stop thinking of them based on their “corrected” age?  Up until this point, I’ve been almost completely oblivious to the concept of their actual age, I really only ever think in corrected age.  But today, at eight months, I stopped to think.  Madeleine and Reid were born eight months ago.  Eight months ago!  We’ve been together for eight months now.  And what a ride it’s been.

Madeleine at eight months…

… weighs 12 lbs 4 oz, which makes her a bit of a petite little lady!

… is rolling over like a champ, all day long.  Her sheer determination kind of surpasses her actual strength though, so she often thrusts herself onto her belly without quite being able to roll back before getting tired.  Frustration ensues.  (She’ll get there!)

… is starting to really notice the world around her.  She loves watching everything, loves staring at her brother and reaching out to touch him and hold his hand (and sometimes to clock him in the face!).  She’s even begun trying to reach out to Rosie, and is starting to really get interested in this little furry friend of hers!  So fascinating to see her become interested in things that weren’t really on her radar before.

I know everyone thinks their children are the most beautiful children to ever exist, but sometimes I look at Maddie and think, “wow, I can’t believe how beautiful she is.” Not even just in terms of physical beauty, but everything about her, her whole being…I think she is incredible.  The way she smiles wide when she first sees you in the morning, the way she loves it when you give her kisses, her fiery determination, that spark she has that makes her so “Madeleine-y”.  I think about everything she’s been through, and then I think about this remarkable, beautiful little soul I get to spend my days with, and it’s almost too much for my brain to handle.  It is an incredible privilege of the highest possible level to get to be her mother.

Reid at eight months…

… weighs 15 lbs!  Reid has been eating, eating, eating, and growing like a weed over the last little while.  I only just pulled out his 3-6 months clothes, and already I’ve had to start putting some of them away because he’s outgrown them!

… has finally grown in a full head of hair after his previous balding stage.  It’s gorgeous, and it’s STILL BROWN, which makes Mama really happy!!!

… thinks EVERYTHING is funny, and laughs all the time!  It is wonderful.  His personal favourites are diaper changes (he thinks they’re hilarious!!!), and when we ask him whether he’s a funny guy (“yes I am Mama!  Look at me laugh!!!”).  I don’t think I will ever get tired of hearing his little giggles.

… is struggling with tummy stuff still, and more awful diaper rashes!  It’s interesting having twins, because we do the same things for both babies, and yet, Reid is constantly getting rashes while Maddie has never had one!  Just goes to show how every baby is different, I think.

… continues to be his sweet, snuggly little self who just loves to be loved and held, which is great for me, as I love to love and hold him!

These days, we are getting out a lot more as a trio, which is great.  It is still a challenge, and some days we probably would have been a LOT better off if we’d stayed home, but it’s still exciting to see us progressing.  Motherhood is tough at the best of times, but the payoff is so fantastic and so surprisingly beautiful that it helps keep the momentum going on days where I feel like I’m starting to sink.  Eight months in, and we are so doing this!  Go team!!!



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