Year in Review: 2013


Last year, we rang in the new year watching TV in bed, thinking about our little, sick babies who were only a few weeks old, envisioning what it might be like a year on, when we’d be ushering in 2014 with two little one-year-olds.  It was hard to believe at the time (it’s even hard to believe now!), but here we are, 365 days later, preparing to say goodbye to 2013 at home with our two amazing, laughing, crawling, babbling babies.  Wow!

2013 was easily, hands-down, one of the most eventful, difficult, scary, amazing, joy-filled years of my entire life.  I look back on some of the things we’ve been through this year – the babies’ time in the NICU, Madeleine’s surgeries – and wonder how we survived.  And then I think of all the incredible blessings, such as the babies coming home, watching them learn to laugh and roll and sit and eat and crawl, celebrating their first birthday with our family and friends, and countless other everyday miracles, and I am astounded.  I won’t be sad to put this year behind us – it was filled with a lot of anxiety and grief – but it will always be the year that our family finally came together, the four of us, just as it should be.

One big, extra thank you to everyone who read and supported this blog over the past twelve months.  What started as a way to keep our family and friends updated on the twins daily progress has now become so much more – a place where I get to save and share memories from our children’s first year, where I’ve connected with other mothers and heard their own stories, where I’ve been able to start healing from the trauma of the past year, and where I’ve hopefully helped others do the same, even if in just a small way.  Most importantly, it’s been a reminder of how strong and inspirational all of our little rockstar preemies have been and continue to be, and how lucky we are to have them in our lives.

Happy New Year!


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