Managing A Twin Meltdown

Some days are hard days.  Not hard like they were in the hospital, but hard like they are for every mother anywhere who has ever had children.  Crying, whining, lack of sleep (on both our parts), hunger, and general unexplained misery.  The days drag.  I start the countdown to bedtime in the middle of the day.  I have no idea how to make things better.

Little did I know that when you have twins, you have a built-in secret weapon against baby meltdowns – the sibling bond!  When you reach the point where you can’t take anymore, stick them both in the same crib, leave the room, and they will start laughing and squealing and climbing on each other happily like nothing was ever wrong.  Your brain might be on the verge of exploding from frustration after hours of trying to console your children yourself, but as long as the only person on the verge of a tantrum is you, mark this one down as a win.

Twins.  The best, even when they’re the worst.


10 thoughts on “Managing A Twin Meltdown

  1. Ohhh Alana I have been there! Even with one I’ll just be at my wits end during the middle day and so happy that bedtime is here. Get the bedtime routine going and then as soon as he lays down I hear him on the monitor laughing like crazy! I guess his stuffed animals are hilarious.!!

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