First Birthday for Two! (And a free DIY bunting printable!)


When the babies were in the hospital, I was pretty sure I wouldn’t want to celebrate their first birthday.  The day they came into the world was a scary blur, where I went into labour and had two babies (one by emergency C-section), and was left to be stitched up while a team of people tried to keep them alive.  It was supposed to have gone so differently, and I couldn’t imagine wanting to celebrate that day one year later.


But when their birthday was finally approaching, it was obvious: we need to celebrate this!  Madeleine and Reid might not really be a year old yet (only really nine months), but they have done such an amazing job being alive this past year despite the rocky start, and that is impressive.  It was also a chance to have our friends and family come together in one place, celebrating as well all of the wonderful people who have supported us and showed so much love for our babies.  A very special day.


I love speaking to people who grew up as a twin, and one thing that I’ve been told is that each twin should get his or her own birthday cake!  I happen to fully agree, so even though they are far too young to remember, we started the tradition and gave them each their own cake.  In fact, they actually had TWO cakes each, as our dear friend (who is also a very talented baker) made not only a beautiful, colourful, delicious cake for each of them (which the adults got to eat), but also a smaller, low-sugar smash cake for the babies to demolish.


I wanted to contribute something to the cake, and since I didn’t have anything to do with its creation or decoration, I thought a cake topper was the way to go!  The look we were going for was inspired by a “colourful confetti” theme, so I opted for colourful name bunting toppers.


I wasn’t able to find exactly what I was looking for online, so instead I made my own.  And then I uploaded the letters here for you, because doesn’t everyone deserve their name on a bunting cake topper?!  I glued the letters in place onto a piece of string, and secured it to two colourful paper straws which I bought at Target.


(Right-click + ‘save link as’ here to download, then print, cut, and enjoy!)

I’d hoped to get photos of Reid and Madeleine in front of our ‘Happy Birthday’ wall, and, as usual, Maddie obliged.  Reid on the other hand was far too preoccupied with his new-found crawling skills.


(Oh well.  Happy birthday, Reid and Maddie!)


7 thoughts on “First Birthday for Two! (And a free DIY bunting printable!)

  1. Happy Birthday!! Oh my gosh it’s always so amazing to see our little ones grow up. We always take our son to the pumpkin patch since he is a Fall baby. He gets to pick out a pump and gets a small pumpkin cupcake and sometimes pumpkin spiced tea. I’m really excited for his 3rd birthday! But I’d like him to stay 2 for a while longer you know?

    • A pumpkin cupcake! How cute! And yes, I can totally understand the ambivalence about your baby growing up. One of the things that surprises me the most about being a mother is the way you can be totally excited and impatient about seeing your children getting older and becoming these amazing people, while at the same time wanting to keep them as little as possible forever and ever! Having said that, I’m pretty much chomping at the bit for Maddie and Reid to start talking. I can’t wait to hear what they’ll come up with :)

  2. Happy birthday babies!!! Alana, I totally understand the emotional dichotomy of the birthday celebration. For many micro families, the birthday was the start of a very different life than was planned. There’s a sadness on the day that never goes away (at least not yet for me). Our family continues to make a bigger deal about our son’s home-coming anniversary, his “365.” Whatever way you choose to celebrate, the fact that you know and appreciate the fact that they’ve survived is enough :-). And I loved the cakes!!!

    • 365! What a great idea! I personally think I feel more sadness about my due date than the babies’ birthday (even though I feel sadness about that too), because I think about all the ways it could have been so different if they’d made it to that day. I really struggled with it last year, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens this year. Maybe we’ll have 365 celebrations in April – M&R came home on different days, so they’ll each get their own little party to mark the day they “graduated” from the NICU!

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