Who Needs A Baby Book?

If you haven’t already guessed, I’m a pretty oversharing kind of mom.  I do all the things that must be incredibly annoying to people who aren’t related to me or who aren’t also oversharing moms, like posting a constant stream of photos and updates about my children all over social media.  There’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…and this blog of course.  I can’t help it, I just think my children are the most gorgeous, fascinating, hilarious humans to ever exist, and I have a compulsive need to tell you about it.

buddha itsagirlboy

It wasn’t always this way though.  When the twins were born, I felt fiercely protective of their privacy.  And since the photos from the early days weren’t exactly all that cute, I didn’t really want to share them with anyone.  But, given the nature of their birth, we had lots and lots (and lots!) of people wondering about their well-being, and so I started the blog to share updates.  I started posting pictures and giving details for information purposes, but as they got older and stronger (and really freaking adorable), I just became your run-of-the-mill proud mother with a million photos to share.  I’m unsure whether I’ll regret it when the twins get older, but in general I love being able to upload things in a quick and easy way, and share it with all the people who still like to hear updates instead of having to print them and put them in an album or a shoebox (do people still do this or am I living in the wrong decade?).


I got an e-mail a while back about a new app called Obaby, created by the same folks who made Overgram (the app for easily adding text to your Instagram pics).  Obaby is kind of like Overgram for oversharing online mamas, so when they asked if I’d like to try it, I of course said yes.

firstbath togetheratlast

Obaby is currently only available for iPhone/iPad, which made it a bit difficult for me, since the only iPhone in our house belongs to my husband (I’m an Android girl).  Although, in retrospect, it was probably a good thing, since I could easily spend all day tinkering with my photos.  There are so many options for photo captions, and there was definitely something beautifully nostalgic about going through the categories and thinking of all of the photos we took of the babies early days or even as far back as when we announced our pregnancy.  Obaby also has sections for milestones that we haven’t yet hit, like first steps and “terrible twos” – I can only imagine what those photos will look like!


As a preemie mom, I did have the usual sadness over being reminded of all the things that we never got to experience (such as, well, anything that took place in the third trimester!).  I liked that there is a category for adoption – “Officially a family”, “You had me at hello” – and I actually found that there were some overlays that fit pretty well for NICU families too.  It did have me thinking though – wouldn’t it be cool to have a NICU category?  “First cuddle with Mom!”, “Breathing on my own!”, “Kangaroo Care”, “Discharge Day!”.  I know we’ve got lots of photos of those moments, and they’re definitely worth commemorating.

giggles lunchtime

All in all, I was pretty pleased with Obaby, and I’ll be overjoyed once an Android version is released (it’s in the works).  If you’re also an over-sharing online mama, chances are you’ll like it too.


Obaby can be downloaded FREE from the iTunes App Store for a limited time (save $4.99!), or buy the expanded Obaby+ (which I used for the above photos) for $9.99 for a full range of artwork and future additions.  (Check out Obaby on Instagram to see other examples of the app in action!)


2 thoughts on “Who Needs A Baby Book?

  1. Alana, I hope you have your pictures in two or three different locations. A friend of mine had her Facebook deleted and only had them loaded there. She cried for days. Got some back because friends and family had downloaded them. get a large (terabyte) hard drive.

    • That’s a great point! I keep the photos I upload onto my computer from a camera backed up, but everything online or on my phone would get lost if something happened. Probably time to get a new backup drive anyway, since my original one is getting very full!

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