Soul Mates

Since pretty early on in my pregnancy, I’ve had a strange fear that Madeleine and Reid wouldn’t like each other.  Or, more accurately, that they wouldn’t end up being close and having a cool ‘twin bond’ like so many twins seem to have.  I hear stories all the time about twins who are very close and who play together and have their own little language and feel sad when the other one is hurt.  I’ve heard stories of toddler twins who cry when they’re apart, school-age twins who are best friends, and even a set of teenage twins who still like to cuddle if they’ve had a rough day.  It’s usually the first question I ask other twin moms I come across now – “are your twins close?!“.  I know other families’ experiences have nothing to do with ours, but a twenty-something cashier at H&M told me last week that his fraternal twin brother was his soul mate and I almost cried right there in the lineup.

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