Nursery Progress

When the babies were born back in December, the nursery was…an empty room.  And it stayed that way pretty much until a week or so before Madeleine was discharged, when it finally hit us that the babies would be home soon and we had nowhere to put them.  We bought their cribs the night before she came home (!!), and threw together as much as we could.  We weren’t totally unprepared – we did manage to procure bassinets for our bedroom far in advance, and we already had bottles and clothes and all the fundamental necessities – but having some semblance of a nursery prior to the babies’ homecoming (even though we knew they wouldn’t be sleeping there right away) was so incredibly important to me.  Having missed out on roughly four more months of pregnancy, time I was expecting to spend nesting and preparing for the babies’ arrival, I really, really wanted to have something done the way it might have been if I had carried to term.

Of course, we did only have a week in the end to throw it all together, and so while we set up the cribs and a change table, the little details were pushed by the wayside.  But since we had a long weekend coming up this week, and I knew that Matt’s mom would be coming up to help us for a day, I figured it was the perfect time to finally attempt to finish things up.

Trying to build a room for two babies in a teeny, tiny house is a challenge to say the least (in fact, when we bought the house a year ago, we figured there was “just enough room for one baby”, which I’m pretty certain was the moment we tempted fate into giving us twins), and having a boy/girl combination also made things a bit tricky, but I’m really happy with the outcome.  It may have been thrown together in record timing, but I think Reid and Maddie finally have a nice little space in which to spend the next few years.

(Before we move.  Because, seriously.)